It receives the name of plant of interior all plant that is cultivated in places under ceiling.

They serve as decoration for our home, offices, terraces, and even for health reasons, since they are very good for purifying the air.

The qualities that we have to take into account to cultivate this type of plants are the following:

The temperature: since most plants are tropical, they need a temperature between 15º and 25º.

The humidity of the environment: although this factor is somewhat more difficult to regulate, the humidity of the necessary environment is between 20% and 60%

The enmacetado: the size of the pot is very important for the proper development of the plant, it should be neither large nor small, it must be appropriate to its size and change it from a pot to a larger one when the plant acquires a larger size.

Watering: Normally the indoor plants are watered once a week, you have to avoid excess watering because they rot, avoid watering always in the same place of the pot

A constant control of pests, is highly recommended and very necessary in most cases.

The light, all the plants need light to be able to carry out the process of the photosynthesis and of this form to grow, although each plant requires a different light, the best thing is to inform itself of the characteristics of the plant that we decide to cultivate.

And the fertilizers needed to nourish the plant since the nutrients of the earth end up running out.

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